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The first weeks at Mount Consulting, you will focus on personal introductions, knowledge sharing, and knowledge building.

You will meet your Guide, who will welcome you in our organization. Your Guide is an experienced consultant who will support you during your career at Mount and has created a plan for your first weeks. This plan includes all essential steps to take before starting with your first consulting assignment.

Grab a first coffee or tea, find a cozy spot, and get acquainted with your guide and the plan they have created for you.

Your first week

Your Guide will have already planned for you to meet your colleagues in the coming week. You will have one-on-one meetings with your new colleagues, project visits with the various Mount project teams, and internal sessions like your monthly Mountain Views. You will learn to understand our terminology, get to know everything of our performance framework, and install the essential apps on your phone.

Ask all the questions you have and tell everyone about yourself!

Kick Start Knowledge Boost

In your first weeks, you will start with our Kick Start Knowledge Boost Program. This program enables you to expand your knowledge, relevant for your consulting projects at Mount. The program consists of modules that provide basic knowledge of the financial services industry and the finance, risk, and data domains like Banking Fundamentals, Asset Management Fundamentals, Basics Accounting, or Basics Credit Risk Management.

Your first project

In the weeks after your introduction period, you will start with your first project. During your first project you will learn fast and lots of aspects will be completely new to you. Luckily, you will be surrounded by experienced colleagues to guide you.

You will also continuously participate in trainings that will be part of your personal growth plan. The trainings focus on both content driven expertise, and consulting skills needed to apply your expertise and advise our clients. You will end the first year with a two-day core skills training. You learn everything about the project lifecycle, consultancy skills and understanding the strategy of your clients. You can apply these skills during your first and subsequent projects.

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