arturo rico


How does Mount promote your professional and personal growth?

Mount encourages us to acquire expertise in our areas of interest and provides the resources, such as training and guidance, to do so.

My experience as a consultant at Mount has enabled me to acquire practical knowledge as well as a better understanding of trends and needs in the financial industry. On a personal level, this has allowed me to sharpen my interests, for example in esg and credit risk.

Mount is invested in fostering personal growth. For instance, I’ve gotten the chance to volunteer in a project to help an NGO with their reporting financial needs thanks to our partnership with impact matters.

What has your experience during this 10 month in the role compared to your initial expectations?

I did not expect to have such a firsthand exposure to our clients so soon, after hearing the experience from my friends at other consulting firms. I’m grateful for this, as it has boosted my learning process, I believe.

I also did not expect to count on so much support from my colleagues and superiors. There is a sense of community that I was not expecting to have from a company working in the financial industry.

I did expect to work in an entrepreneurial environment, but it surprised me how my ideas can be taken into real consideration and have an impact (hopefully positive) in the company.

How has your educational background and experience served you in your role as a consultant and what type of new skills did you have to develop to fill the role?

My background in financial economics has served me as a starting point to understand some of our client requirements, however I soon realized there is so much to learn about them.

I also realized that soft skills play a very important role. For example, I had to develop project management skills for my first project at an insurance company, such as stakeholder management, and particularly those making top-level decisions within the client’s organization.

Can potential candidates contact you to get to know more?

Yes, for sure! You can connect with me on LinkedIn connectie or send me an email to I would be happy to answer any questions you have during a (virtual) coffee chat!